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  MAKO Spearguns AR15 American Speargun (Open Track)
MAKO Spearguns AR15 American Speargun (Open Track)

List Price: $299.95
Introductory Price: $259.95

You save $40.00!

American Open Track Barrel Length

Latex Band Configuration



MAKO Spearguns AR15 American Speargun (Open Track)

AR15 speargun with John Dornellas AR15 speargun with John Dornellas

Hey guys, I'm completely out of stock on the AR15 American Spearguns, so Click here to leave your email address and we'll email you as soon as soon as we get more in stock!

Before I get into the specifics of the new "MAKO Spearguns AR15 American Speargun (Open Track), I want to first thank the guys who tested the speargun & new trigger mechanism for this speargun.

All of these guys are highly respected in the field of custom gun building/spearfishing. Their knowledge of speargun components and overall spearfishing is unprecedented. I thank them all for their input to make this speargun & trigger mechanism a success.

Hau: Expert Spearo

Bubba Blackwell (Blacktip Custom Spearguns): Custom Gun Bulder, Expert Spearo

Wood Guy: Custom Gun Builder, Speargun Designer, Speargun Parts Designer, Engineer

John Dornellas: Expert Freediver/ Spearo, Freedive Instructor, Writer HSD Magazine

Jonathan Lata: Expert Freediver/Spearo, Freedive Instructor, Competitive Deep Freediver

Joe Solomon: Expert Freediver/Spearo, custom gun builder, Engineer

Jason Tiller (Impaler Custom Spearguns): Expert Freediver/Spearo, Commercial Spearfisherman, Custom Gun Builder

We also want to thank world famous Speargun Expert, "Kitto" for testing our mechs. Thanks Kitto!

Finally, I want to thank Tin Man and Chad Morris for entrusting me and MAKO Spearguns with the manufacturing, sales and service of this fine product. As with the "MAKO Spearguns Tin Man Pinch Weights" and the "MAKO Spearguns American Reverse Trigger Mechanism", it is an honor to again bring another high quality product to the spearfishing community.

Dive safe, dano


The MAKO Spearguns AR15 American Speargun (Open Track) is a Big Game Gun with features and components that set it apart from conventional spearguns and Euro guns. It was designed by fellow spearos, Jeff DeRocher (AKA Tin Man) and Chad Morris (AKA Griswold).

  • AR15, Describes the incredibly durable and ergonomic A2 grip found on most assault rifles.
  • American, Describes the all stainless steel, Tin Man designed, trigger mechanism made for the widely available American cut spears. This trigger mechanism is stronger than any other trigger mechanism ever installed on a railgun or Euro gun.
  • Open Track, Describes the open track with fully integrated rail barrel that extends the full length of the barrel. The rail supports the spear the entire length of the barrel and provides additional strength to the barrel.

Click here and check out the Top 12 Reasons Divers Choose a MAKO Speargun

INCLUDES: Durable AR15 Handle

The A2 AR15 Assault Weapons handle is completely removable and interchangeable. It bolts to an impressive Euro style frame made from the strongest polymers available.

The gun comes equipped with the popular A2 Assault weapons Grip from Midway USA.

AR15 Speargun with Durable Handle
AR15 speargun reverse trigger mechanism

INCLUDES: MAKO Spearguns American Reverse Trigger Mechanism

Designed by custom builder, Jeff DeRocher, aka Tin Man, the MAKO Spearguns American Reverse Trigger Mechanism is quite possibly the strongest trigger mechanism ever installed on a railgun.

It features a stainless steel interchangeable, replaceable line release, stainless steel trigger, stainless steel sear and an all stainless steel mech housing.

The mech also includes an intuitive safety with both visual and touch indicators with a posi lock design.

Click here for more details on this American Reverse Trigger Mechanism

AR15 speargun Side Lever Line Release

INCLUDES: Side Lever Line Release

  • Large enough to double wrap 400lb mono
  • Stronger than any other line release
  • Automatic Resetting
AR15 speargun integrated barrel rail

INCLUDES: Barrel with full length integrated rail

All MAKO spearguns include a “Fully Integrated Aluminum Rail” incorporated all the way down the length of the barrel.

This “Fully Integrated Aluminum Rail” adds enormous strength to the barrel and guides the spear the entire length of the barrel.

AR15 speargun high profile sharkfin spear

INCLUDES: MAKO Spearguns South African High Profile Sharkfin Tab Spears

Spears with Sharkfin Tabs are 50% stronger than spears with notches.

Each spear is 7.5mm thick and has two High Profile Sharkfin Tabs and flopper.

All MAKO Spearguns shafts are the toughest carbon spring steel spears made in South Africa and offered with Sharkfin Tabs.

AR15 Speargun Open Track Muzzle

INCLUDES: Open Muzzle

  • Open Muzzles accept sharkfin tab spears which are much stronger than spears with notches. Closed muzzles only accept notched spears.
  • Open Muzzles are quieter than closed muzzles
  • Open Muzzles are easier and faster to load than closed muzzles.
  • Open muzzles accept hand tied bands.

AR15 Speargun Open Track Hand Tied Bands

INCLUDES: Hand Tied Bands

Choose between a single 20mm band, double 16mm bands or triple 14mm bands

All MAKO spearguns come with Hand Tied Bands, from Primeline Industries, the best latex tubing in the world!!! Ask any experienced spearfisherman which bands are best, and all will tell you “HAND TIED” bands are by far the best choice.

  • Hand Tied Bands offer more stretch and are more powerful
  • Hand Tied Bands allow you to adjust the band strength to meet your specific needs.
  • With Hand Tied Bands, women or younger spearos can opt for longer bands for easier loading.
  • With Hand Tied Bands, stronger and more experienced spearos can shorten the bands for increased power.

AR15 Speargun handle loading butt

INCLUDES: Loading Butt at No Additional Charge

The Loading Butt spreads the force of loading across a larger area of your chest, making loading easier and more comfortable. The loading butt also provides stability so the gun does not slide off your chest when loading.

Ask anybody who has loaded a speargun without a loading butt and they will be the first to tell you that they wish they had one. The loading butt makes loading a speargun quick and painless.

MAKO Spearguns South African Spears with Sharkfin Tabs are thicker and stronger than other spears

INCLUDES: Thicker Spear at No Additional Charge

We are equipping each gun with a thicker spear at no additional charge. Each South African spear is 7.5mm in diameter with flopper and has two high profile sharkfin tabs.

Soft Dyneema Hand Tied Bands

INCLUDES: Soft Dyneema Wishbones

Soft Dyneema Wishbones are by far the most popular wishbones among advanced spearfishermen. They are much safer and much more dependable than any other type of wishbone available. You can also make your own and they cost next to nothing to replace.

Three Year Warranty

INCLUDES: 3 Year No Questions Asked Warranty

All MAKO Spearguns include an unconditional 3 Year Warranty on all spearguns. No questions asked. If your speargun falls out of your pick up truck while driving down the freeway, we will repair it or replace it at no charge! Our warranty is the best in the business and covers major components of the gun, but naturally does not cover consumable items like bands, bungi's, shafts or shooting line.

AR15 speargun options

Options Include:

  • Reel
  • American cut threaded shaft
  • Slip Tip
  • Rapid on/off GoPro Mounting Bracket
  • Band Sock

Check What our testing team has to say about the AR15 American Speargun:

"The MAKO AR15 American Speargun is a must have speargun. The new mechanism has great new features that will enhance any build.
Great job!"

- Joe Solomon
Freediver / Engineer

Great work on the new speargun!!! This thing shoots sooo straight and the trigger mech is like butter. This gun is AWESOME!

- Jonathan Lata / Freedive Instructor

VIDEO: Loading a speargun is more technique than strength

In this MAKO Spearguns video tutorial, we show you how to load and unload your speargun using simple steps illustrated using stop motion/slow motion video.

Remember that loading a speargun requires more technique than strength!

Only load and unload your speargun in the water, pointing the gun in a safe direction and be sure the safety button is in the 'safe' or 'on' position!

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