Free Loaner Program

Mako Shark For our returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan:

As our way of saying thanks to our returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, we have a free loaner program for soldiers who wish to try spearfishing but donít have a gun or gear for their upcoming trip. Guns, masks, snorkels, floats, floatlines, knives, weight belts, wetsuits, gloves, socks, stringers, gear bags, gun bags, whatever you need, we will help you out.

This free loaner program has been very successful since Mako began. In the past, we only charged for shipping and we will continue to only charge for shipping. However, we now require a deposit on the gear.

In the past, we did not get a deposit on the gear because we did not think we needed to. Unfortunately, with what started out as the best of intentions, things got in the way a few times. Time constraints as well as work and family obligations can take precedence over returning some dive gear. I understand that. However, we very much want to continue this successful program. So, in order to continue to offer this service for our returning soldiers, we now require a deposit which is immediately refunded upon the return receipt of the gear. I hope you guys understand.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 540-361-1570.