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  Oceanic ETR (Enclosed Track Railgun) Speargun
Oceanic Enclosed Track Speargun

Priced From: $249.95

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MAKO Spearguns Oceanic ETR (Enclosed Track Railgun) Speargun

Featuring a Fully Enclosed Track with a Twin Rail Barrel, this is the only gun of its kind and BUILT FOR BIG GAME!

The “MAKO Oceanic ETR” was designed by Chad Morris (aka Griswold) and Jeff DeRocher (aka Tin Man), two spearo/designers from the Bayous of Louisiana who spent years designing, machining and fabricating custom spearguns and related underwater hunting gear. Known as “The Bayou Design Team”, Jeff and Chad have built a reputation by combining innovative designs with the latest in high tech material and quality workmanship.

What is an Enclosed Track Railgun (ETR)?
By nature, Railguns are more accurate and more powerful than regular euro guns. This is because of the integrated rail barrel which supports and guides the spear down the rail (barrel) as it exits the gun. This additional support, by the integrated rail reduces “spear whip” and drastically increases accuracy.

The only way to improve upon this would be to incorporate an “Enclosed Track”, the length of the barrel, thereby further increasing accuracy and allowing for enhanced power and virtually eliminating all “spear whip” as the spear exits the gun. With an “Enclosed Track”, the spear is supported not only from the bottom. The spear is also supported by the surrounding walls and partial ceiling offered by the “Enclosed Track”, much like a bullet fired from the barrel of a high powered rifle.

In designing this Enclosed Track Speargun, the main challenge for the Bayou Design Team was weight. With the added material of the “Enclosed Track”, the gun had to be light enough so the gun would float (without the shaft), but strong enough, to prevent barrel flex. In experimenting with various designs and materials, the Bayou Design Team came up with the idea of using 2 smaller integrated rails for strength (one on each side) instead of one main rail. By design, this Twin Rail Design (one on each side) would also capture a slide in “Enclosed Track” made of lightweight, yet durable, high density polyethylene.

Essentially, the Bayou Design Team took the MAKO Oceanic Pro Speargun barrel, which is the largest and strongest aluminum barrel on the market and made it even stronger with “Twin Rails” while adding very little weight.

Occasionally seen on larger and heavier custom wood guns, this “Enclosed Track Technology”, incorporated into a much lighter speargun makes the “MAKO Oceanic ETR” the only one of its’ kind. The result…. The most accurate BIG GAME ENCLOSED TRACK SPEARGUN ever built for blue water hunting, inshore hunting and even freeshafting.

Custom built to your exact specifications, choose your preferred gun length, gun color, band configuration, and barrel type. (see Why MAKO Guns Are Superior).

3 year warranty

Each gun includes the following:

  • Enclosed Track: The MAKO Oceanic ETR includes an “Enclosed Track” which supports the spear by the surrounding walls and partial ceiling of the “Enclosed Track”. Made of High Density Polyethylene for both 7.5mm and 8.0mm spears, the “Enclosed Track” provides unmatched support and stabilization as it guides the spear effortlessly down the barrel, much like a bullet fired from a high powered rifle.
  • Twin Rail Barrel: Designed with two rails instead of one, this Twin Rail Design makes for a super strong barrel which eliminates barrel flex, while at the same time, captures the “Enclosed Track”. The massive barrel with 1.05” (26.65mm) inner diameter is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is anodized black
  • Grip: The “MAKO Oceanic ETR” is equipped with the same heavy duty grip as the MAKO Oceanic Pro speargun. Built for big game, this grip features a heavy duty stainless steel trigger, stainless steel line release and stainless steel sear. Its ergonomic grip offers maximum strength and durability required for big game hunting. Dual selectable loading butt allows you to switch from high profile loading butt to low profile loading butt and accepts our optional, removable loading butt pads for ultimate loading comfort.
  • Stainless Steel Trigger: NO PLASTIC HERE! All MAKO Spearguns include a stainless steel trigger for years of reliable use.
  • Stainless Steel Line Release: NO PLASTIC HERE EITHER! All Mako Spearguns include a super durable stainless steel trigger for a super smooth and reliable release.
  • Stainless Steel Sear: AGAIN, NO PLASTIC! All Mako Spearguns include a stainless steel sear for years of reliable use.
  • Open Muzzle: Designed to accept bulk rubber so you can make your own bands. MAKO muzzles are interchangeable and allow for multiple band configurations. The MAKO open muzzle is the only open muzzle with twin stainless steel over wrap tabs for both left and right handed hunters. These stainless steel over wrap tabs easily accept mono in all thickness as well as stainless steel shooting line. The MAKO muzzles are the only muzzles (both open and closed) to include a built in stainless steel reel line guide and a stainless steel re-enforced attachment point for your shock cord.
  • Spear: By design, enclosed track guns shoot High Profile Sharkfin Spears which are considerably stronger than notched spears. Additionally, spears with High Profile Sharkfin Tabs allow for the mono to be attached to one of the high profile sharkfin tabs instead of attaching to the back of the spear. This enables the spear to slide through the “Enclosed Track”, unaffected by the shooting line. Each gun includes a High Profile Sharkfin Spear measuring 7.5mm in diameter, with 3 shark fin tabs and 85cm rock hard flopper. These spears are made of the toughest carbon spring steel in the industry. Optional threaded shafts with “high profile sharkfin tabs” are available for those wanting to hunt with a slip tip rig. Note: Spear length is determined by barrel length. To determine spear length, simply add 40cm to barrel length. For example, a 120 cm gun would use a 160cm spear. Threaded spears are slightly shorter to account for the added length of the slip tip adapter.
  • Bands: We do not make your bands until the day the gun is ordered!!!! We useonly Primline latex tubing (made in the USA) which is the best and most expensive latex tubing in the world, guaranteed. It is by far, more powerful and longer lasting than latex from France, Greece, Italy or China. Before you buy latex tubing, ask where it is from. The difference in quality is SIGNIFICANT!
    NOTE: Even though we use the best and the most expensive latex tubing available, we do not make your bands until the day you order your gun. Experienced spearos know that the moment the wishbone is tied (or crimped), THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING! The latex material that has been stretched over the wishbone will begin to degrade slowly with the best latex and degrade quickly with cheap latex.; There is no avoiding this fact. That’s why it makes sense to construct (or purchase) your bands only when you need them. MAKO bands are not made until you place the order. This insures that you will get the freshest, most powerful and most reliable bands possible.
    When buying a gun off the shelf, you have no idea how long it has been sitting there.
  • Corded Wishbones: Safe as well as durable, all MAKO guns come with Dyneema corded wishbones.
  • Shooting Line: Includes super strong 300 lb mono.
  • 12” shock cord with swivel clip: No rot bungie
  • Options available: Installation is free of charge for any of the following options: horizontal mounted reel, stainless steel shooting line, rubber loading butt pad, single wrap, double wrap, break away rigging, Band Sock, Tuna Clip/Long Line Clip - call us if you have any questions!
  • Warranty: Unconditional 3 Year Warranty on all guns: We are so confident in the quality of our guns, we offer a 3 year, no questions asked, warranty on all guns. If this gun falls out of your pickup truck while driving down the freeway, we will repair or replace it at no charge (see warranty info). Warranties apply to original purchaser.

NOTE: All MAKO Oceanic Pro spearguns and MAKO Iconic Pro spearguns can be easily upgraded with the Enclosed Track Twin Rail Barrel. Grips and muzzles are compatible. You only need the ETR barrel and High Profile Sharkfin Spear - Call for pricing

For additional information on selecting a speargun, please see ( WHY CHOOSE A MAKO SPEARGUN)

Bernie Finnery La Paz World Cup

Bernie Finnery La Paz World Cup

VIDEO: Loading a railgun is more technique than strength

image-divider Chad Morris custom gun builder and co-designer of the MAKO ETR

Chad Morris - custom gun builder and co-designer of the MAKO ETR

image-divider Jeff Derocher - custom gun builder and co-designer of the MAKO ETR

Jeff Derocher - custom gun builder and co-designer of the MAKO ETR

image-divider Twin Rail Design

Twin Rail Design Maximizes Barrel Strength

image-divider Enclosed Track

Enclosed Track Provides Unmatched Accuracy

image-divider Accepts 7.5 and 8mm spears

Accepts 7.5mm and 8.0mm High Profile Sharkfin Spears

image-divider Fast Reloading

Spear Automatically slides into Trigger Mech for Amazingly Fast Reloading

image-divider Super Strong Ergonomic Grip

Super Strong Ergonomic Grip

image-divider Muzzle

ETR Holds Spear in Place With or Without Shooting Line

image-divider Optional Butt Pads

Optional Butt Pads

Oceanic ETR Speargun Specifications Chart
Speargun Length Shooting Distance
Single Wrap
Grip to Tip
Break Away
Grip to Tip
Double Wrap
Grip to Tip

The shooting distances in this chart are approximate and based on (the length of the gun plus the length of the shooting line plus the length of the spear) grip to tip of the spear after the gun is fired. (From your hand to spear tip). These distances do not take into account the required distance needed to penetrate a fish in order to engage the flopper.

NOTE: When rigged with a double wrap, the spear might begin to arc before the spear reaches the end of the shooting line. Band length will affect the actual distance and trajectory. Remember, your bands should never be shorter than the recommended band lengths as noted in the “instructional info / band length chart” page.

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Great gun :) May 7, 2015
Reviewer: gregory george from ormond beach, FL United States  
Shot my first Cobia of the year the same week after receiving it.

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