Why Buy From MAKO Spearguns

Hey Guys, Did you know???
The expensive brands use the exact same factories as MAKO.
In some cases, they even sell the exact same products as MAKO.
The only difference is the name on the product and the price.
Because I sell direct to you, (no dive shop markup), my prices are much less.

Same high quality factories
Same high quality gear
No Middleman Markup
No Dive Shop Markup

MAKO Spearguns Buy Direct and Save

Why do so many freedivers choose MAKO Spearguns for their freediving and spearfishing gear?


  • Using the same factories ensures top brand quality.
  • Using the same factories ensures increased buying power.


  • I do not sell through dive shops (no dive shop markup).
  • I do not sell through distributors (no distributor markup).
  • I only sell direct to you, the diver (no middleman markup).
  • Same high quality. Much lower price!


  • In some cases competing companies all sell the exact same products.
  • These high quality products are made by the same factories.
  • They are made for both me and my well respected competitors.
  • And they are sold by both me and my well respected competitors.
  • The only difference is the name printed on the product.


  • I have the best customer service in the industry.
  • I would do anything for my dive buddies.
  • My dive buddies would do anything for me.
  • If you hunt fish, you know what I am talking about.

Hey Guys, My name is Dano

I grew up in SoCal, where I learned to pole spear at the age of 12. At 15, I found my first speargun in 10 feet of water while surfing a break just north of Ensenada, Mexico. It needed new bands, mono and a good cleaning but it was soon shooting fish at distances much farther than my pole spear could reach.

I now own one of the most popular spearfishing and freediving gear companies in the USA. I am totally blessed and I have so many of you to thank. I could not have done it alone. Thanks guys!!

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the freedive community. And, I am eternally grateful for the friends I have made along the way.

I still love hunting with a speargun, but I often find myself slipping back into the water with just my pole spear. Funny how things like this happen in life.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and my business, and If you ever have any questions about MAKO Spearguns, or if you are new to the sport and would just like to talk about freediving and spearfishing, please feel free to contact me at any time

Dive safe,
MAKO Spearguns

Dano Spearfishing in La Paz

I get a lot of questions about MAKO DIRECT, So I thought I would explain in detail below:

Question 1: I've noticed several companies, including MAKO Spearguns selling what appears to be the same products. Are they the same products?

Answer: In some cases, Yes. Some of the products we sell are the exact same products sold by some of our highly respected competitors.

You have probably noticed many of our well respected competitors, and MAKO Spearguns , all selling the same knives, or maybe the same masks and fins and snorkels, etc. We often source them from the same factories. We just sell them for less because we sell direct to divers instead of selling through dive shops.

Here are a few examples. Have you seen any these MAKO Spearguns products (pictured to the right) sold by some of our well respected competitors too?

You probably have.

These are the exact same, high quality products, that are produced by the same reputable factories, and are sold by several very well respected spearfishing companies, including MAKO Spearguns .

MAKO Spearguns freedive mask

Low Volume Mask

MAKO Spearguns Euro Snorkel

Euro Snorkel

kona Kill Dive Knife

Kona Kill Dive Knife

Freedive HunterFreediving Fins

Freedive Hunter Freediving Fins

Question 2: Are all MAKO Spearguns products the same as products offered by other spearfishing companies?

Answer: Definitely not. Many of our products are made exclusively for MAKO Spearguns and to our exact specifications. We often invest in our own molds and designs.

Here are some examples of products that we have produced exclusively for MAKO Spearguns . And, because we sell these products direct to you, the freediver, we can sell them for less.


Mako wetsuits are made using Yamamoto Neoprene. Wetsuits using Yamamoto neoprene from Japan are some of the best wetsuits in the world. The Yamamoto material is probably the warmest and most expensive material available.

But, because we sell direct, our MAKO Yamamoto wetsuits are actually lower in price than lesser quality suits which are not made with Yamamoto neoprene.

Yamamoto wetsuits

Yamamoto wetsuits


What other company makes their gloves and socks out of Yamamoto Neoprene? I don't think there are any that go to this extent to ensure this type of quality.

And you guessed it. MAKO Direct means they cost less than gloves and socks made without Yamamoto neoprene.

MAKO Spearguns Yamamoto freedive socks and gloves

Yamamoto freedive socks and gloves


The MAKO Competition Foot pockets and Competition Freediver Fins, with removable blades, are made specifically for MAKO. And, because we sell direct, our prices are lower.

In fact, our Competition Fins with removable blades are often less than the cost of the fixed blade fins which are made for beginners.

MAKO Spearguns Competition Freedive Fin

Competition Freedive Fin


The MAKO Fiberglass Freedive fins are designed and produced according to our exact specifications, with research and testing by expert freedivers and freedive instructors.

Our blades are hand made in South Africa in varying stiffnesses and sold direct to divers at an amazing price.

blue camo fins

Fiberglass blue camo fins

Question 3: Is it true that different speargun companies often use the same factories to produce their exclusive products too?

Answer: YES! Speargun companies, including MAKO Spearguns, assemble a product line based on relationships with many factories. And, some of those factories make products for our esteemed competitors too. This is no different than Ford, Chevy and Chrysler.

For example, the factory that makes our MAKO Spearguns Competition Freediver Fins also makes fins for two of the most widely known and well respected dive gear companies in the world. The fins offered by these two companies are very highly regarded which is why I chose to have my fins made by the exact same factory. But because we sell direct, our prices are lower.

Again, we may not sell as much as the dive shops, but we like our smaller business model and we enjoy what we do.

There are even relationships, whereby, competing speargun companies from different countries will partner with a factory to produce a product or products. This is done with the understanding that the two speargun companies will not market in the other companies country or territory.

This reminds me of that lake in Massachusetts called, "Chargoggagoggmanchauggogoggchaubunagungamaugg". That's right. That is the name of the lake. I swear, I am not making this stuff up! Google it, if you don't believe me. To my understanding, this is an Indian name which means..

"You fish on your side of the lake"
"I fish on my side of the lake"
"And nobody fishes in the middle"

Here is a good example of this..

If you think our spearguns look like the guns sold by Rabitech of South Africa, you are right! That is because they are the same guns. And these guns are considered some of the finest guns in the world.

MAKO Spearguns was granted a license to sell these guns in the United States. This license was granted to MAKO Spearguns by the original maker of the guns. The original maker of the guns also granted Rabitech the exclusive rights to sell these guns in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and Taiwan. Because we honor our agreement, we do not ship to these areas.

MAKO Spearguns Predator Pro 2G and Oceanic Spearguns

MAKO Spearguns Predator Pro 3G and Oceanic Spearguns

Question 4: What about your spears? Do you make your own spears?

Answer: Good question! Our spears were designed by custom gun builder, Chad Morris and are made by a factory in South Africa which is known for making the best carbon spring steel shafts (with sharkfin tabs) in the world. MAKO Spearguns, along with 2 other companies here in the USA are authorized resellers of these sharkfin tabbed spears.

MAKO Spearguns and these two companies also have a license to sell the same slip tips, and the same reels as well as other high quality products which are considered some of the best spearfishing accessories on the market.

MAKO Spearguns Spears and Slip Tips for Euro & American Mech guns

MAKO Spearguns Spears and Slip Tips for Euro & American Mech guns