Brandon Gross - Freedive Instruction

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Brandon Gross offers the Level 1 course - An introduction to the FII education system. It covers everything from safety & problem management, breathing techniques, & equipment selection to correct freediving methods for gradual depth progression. Basic freedive safety class also available.

Since he was just a kid, Brandon Gross has been playing in the big Pacific waters of Oceanside, Ca. Whether its surfing, swimming, fishing or diving; he has always had a passion for the Ocean. As a teenager, if he wasn't out riding the waves he worked on local sport fishing boats. At the age of 19 he began trying his hand at simple free dives with his pole spear in hand.

Brandon's love for all things ocean was limited during a short (12 year) sojourn to the high Colorado Mountains where he met his wife and they had their two sons. During his time living in the Rocky Mountains he traveled to Belize where he rediscovered his passion for diving. In the crystal blue Belizean waters Brandon found his calling and he became obsessed with free diving and spear fishing. Not long after his life changing visit to Belize, he returned to his hometown of Oceanside. With a refueled desire to master the art of free diving, he moved close to the beach and devoted himself to studying with his FII mentor Mark Lozano. He also worked extensively with Martin Stepanek - 13 time world record holder in free diving and founder of FII.

Through tenacity and sheer determination, in June of 2011 Brandon became an FII Instructor. Today Brandon can dive to 130 + feet and boasts a 5:00 + breath hold. He took 3rd place at the U.S. National freedive competition in April 2013.

Brandon loves teaching kindred Stewards of the Sea who are looking to reach new depths and improve their overall diving experience. What you learn in his classes will make you a safer diver, will empower you, and will take you out of this atmosphere, literally.

Fii Freediving Instructors

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Brandon Gross - Freedive Instruction

Brandon Gross - Freedive Instruction