Installing the MAKO Speargun Reel on a Wood or Hybrid Speargun

What you will need:

  • A) MAKO Speargun Reel
  • B) MAKO Mounting Base Plate
  • C) 2 screws (#8 x 1" 316ss) or M4 x 25mm)
  • D) 3/32" drill bit

Using the screws provided, mount the flat base plate in the desired location. Be sure the dove tail is facing down and the wider portion of the base plate is facing the muzzle end of the gun.

place and mount the base plate on the gun

Slide the reel onto the base plate from back to front.

Slide the reel onto the base plate

Once the reel is in place, push forward to lock in place.

pull the reel forward and lock