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Speargun Bands, Rigging & Tools

All the tools & rigging supplies you'll ever need to maintain or upgrade your speargun including Wishbone Insertion Tools, Mono Shooting Line Crimpers, Tool Kits, Files, Sharpeners, Shears, shock cords, pre-made wishbones, bulk rubber for power bands, wishbone beads, power band tying line, muzzle adapters, swivel clips, tuna clips, D shackles and more

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Band Sock Band Sock
Price: $5.95

Speargun Bands by Primeline Speargun bands (STANDARD ID TUBING)
Price Per Foot: $2.35

Spearguns Bands (SMALL ID TUBING) Spearguns Bands (SMALL ID TUBING)
Price Per Foot: $2.35

Wishbone Beads Wishbone Beads
Price: $0.42

Nylon Wishbone Inserts Nylon Wishbone Inserts
Price per Pair $5.95

Euro Muzzle Adapters Euro Muzzle Adapters
Price per Pair $12.95

Band Tying Line Band Tying Line
Price Per Foot: $0.30

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Lionfish Safety Shears Lionfish Safety Shears
Price: $12.95

6 inch Metal File 6 inch Metal File
Price: $4.95

Spear Tip Protector Spear Tip Protector
Price: $2.50

Silicon Spray Silicon Spray
Price: $2.95

Speed Ring Speed Ring
Price: $8.95

Swivel Clip Swivel Clip
Price: $6.95

Pigtail Swivel Clip Pigtail Swivel Clip
Price: $6.95

D Shackle Small D Shackle - Small
Price: $6.95