VIDEO: How To Rig Fish Flashers

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I'm dave with mako spearguns and today were talking about making your hunt even more successful with the flasher ball, fish flashers, and the throw flasher.

There are a lot of different ways to rig flashers, a lot of it comes down to personal preferences and what works for you in your environment.

A great starting point is to rig your flashers about 2 feet apart, tuning the length more or less depending on the clarity of the water you're diving in and the brightness of the sun.

We like to add a small weight to the top of the string of flashers to help get the flashers down, but doesn't dampen the action that creates those great light flashes as they dance in the water.

For easy line let out and retrieval, hook your string of flashers to the utility reel, and you're ready to go.

Or check out the Flasher Float that not only makes let out & retrieval a snap, but also makes it easy to store your flasher rig when not in use.

For even more light action add the Flasher Ball to the bottom of your flasher string, or hook it separately to another reel and let your fish flashers dance freely

Or, go untethered with our fish flasher kit

Rigging the Throw Flasher is pretty straight forward:

Lets start by stringing the flashers together with the reel line.

Make a simple over hand knot, and then a second one so we have a nice big knot in the line.

Now spray some lubricant on the knot and using a small screwdriver push the knot into the tubing.

Use your band tying line to form a single constrictor knot and pull the ends tight with your pliers.

And that's it, your throw flasher are ready to lure in some serious targets.

So for a more successful hunt, check out all the MAKO Spearguns Fish Flasher options.

Thanks guys for taking time to watch this video , and for additional how-to videos be sure to check our website under the instructional information link.

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