VIDEO: Installing Weight Belt Pinch weights

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Hi, I'm Dave and here's a quick How To on using Tin Man Pinch Weights.

You won't be able to push the rubber belt through the hour glass shape of the pinch weight. What you do is trim each side of the tongue slightly and then push the tongue through the weight. Now you can grab the belt and slide the weight to where you want it.

Now, with your weight belt on, you'll likely have a lot of excess belt.

We like to leave about two hands worth of extra belt making it easy for you or your buddy to find, grab, and release if needed.

Just trim a nice rounded end with your scissors and your all set.

Finally, if your weight belt does not have a quick release as shown here, do not use it.

If you're ever in doubt, ditch your weight belt. It could save your life.

Thanks guys for taking time to watch this video.

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