VIDEO: How To Install The Pole Spear Pad

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Holding your Pole Spear loaded for any period of time can lead to bruising and pain in your hand.

Hey, Dave here with MAKO Spearguns and today Dano is demonstrating How To install a Pole Spear Pad that eliminates this problem.

You'll need Band Tying line, pliers, scissors, a lighter and the Pole Spear Pad for the installation.

We'll start by opening up one end of the Pole Spear Power Band with our scissors and pulling the wishbone out of the latex tubing.

Next Dano will slip the Pole Spear Pad over the tubing,

And then he'll re-insert the wishbone into the power band.

He'll form a single constrictor knot at the end of the band and of course trim the band tying line and burn the ends to keep them from fraying.

With the Pole Spear Pad distributing the stress of the power band, you'll be able to hold the loaded Pole Spear for extended periods.

For you Blue Water hunters out there, If you let your Pole Spear fly, the Pad can act a bit like a sail creating some drag.

To solve this, just cut or slice the rear hole and now when the Pole Spear flies, the Pad will pop out of the band and not cause any drag.

Loading the Pole Spear with the Pad is essentially the same whether the Pad is cut or not. Just position the narrow part of the Pad between your index finger and thumb, letting the wider part of the Pad rest on the back of your hand.

Thats it, you'll be able to hold the Pole Spear loaded far longer with the MAKO Spearguns Pole Spear Pad

Before we let you go, here's another Pole Spear tip. After you spear your fish, rather than unscrewing your spear tip to remove the fish and risk losing the tip, simply unscrew your pole spear and push the first section of pole through the fish then re-attach your pole spear sections.

Thanks guys for taking time to watch this video , and for additional how-to videos be sure to check our website under the instructional information link..

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