VIDEO: Quick Weight - How To Properly Weight Yourself

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Hey Guys, Dave again, with MAKO Spearguns. In this video we want to highlight the features and benefits of the MAKO Spearguns Quick Weights. Many of you know the importance of being properly weighted.

Too much weight is clearly a safety violation, and not enough weight makes for a difficult dive.

As conditions change, the need to change your weight is paramount.

And, the ability to change quickly and easily is equally important.

To demonstrate the use of the MAKO Spearguns Quick Weights, Dano is diving in the Sea of Cortez and will dive down to a depth of about 33 feet and checks his buoyancy.

As many freediving instructors recommend, you should be neutral at 33 feet. In this case, Dano is close to his desired weight, but feels he is still a bit too weighted and the removal of one quick weight will put him where he needs to be.

Although you can’t see it in this footage, Dano spits out his snorkel as he begins his descent. This is a common safety practice among freedivers. Here again, Dano stops at 33 feet and checks his dive computer to see that he is neutrally buoyant. Perfect.

See how quickly and easily Dano removes his quick weight and then does another test dive to 33 feet to check his buoyancy. Perfect.

Although Dano is dialed in with the correct amount of weight, for the purpose of demonstration, he is going to show how easy it is to add weight to his weight belt.

If he were too buoyant at 33 feet, adding a quick weight is just as fast and easy.

It’s no wonder the MAKO Spearguns Quick weights are so popular among both freedivers and scuba divers. The Quick Weights allow you to add and remove weight in seconds.

And, most importantly, it can be done without removing your weight belt, or even getting out of the water.

You spend less time adjusting your weight belt and more time diving.

Thanks guys for taking time to watch this video , and for additional how-to videos be sure to check our website under the instructional information link..

At MAKO Spearguns use the exact same factories as the more expensive brands and we ensure the same high quality. But, because we sell direct to you, instead of through dive shops, our prices are much less.

Same Factories, Same High Quality, No dive shop markups.

Thanks for your support.

Dive safe!