VIDEO: Speargun Band Tying Tutorial

Speargun bands are referred to as a lot of different things - powerbands, speargun rubbers, even speargun elastic - but whatever you call them, almost all need to be tied and this video will demonstrate this process in detail..

Hey, Dave here with makospearguns

Today we're going show you how to tie bands for your speargun

This is an easy step, but an important one, and we want you to get it right.

If this is the first time you've tied speargun bands, or you haven't tied a band in awhile, the video above is for you

To start you'll need some tools. The mako tool kit contains everything you need to tie bands including a wishbone insertion tool, scissors, a tape measure, two pairs of pliers, your wishbones and band tying line, good quality silicon spray and a lighter

OK, if you're making new bands we're going to start by measuring and cutting the speargun band/latex tubing. In our case we're cutting our bands to 19 inches, but your bands may be a different length. If you don't know the length band you need we have a great chart here - you'll definitely want to check that out.

Now we'll lay out our band tying line and wishbones

Using the wishbone insertion tool,

slip the wishbone bead into the tool,

then spray it well with good quality silicon spray.

Now push the wishbone bead into the end of the latex tubing,

then slip the tool out of the tubing

now Repeat the process for the other end of the wishbone.

slip the wishbone bead into the tool

spray it with the silicon and then push the bead into the end of the latex tubing

Don't worry about setting the wishbone beads too deep in the tubing - we'll adjust those later

Now grab your band tying line and slip it under the band.

Bring up the ends leaving one end a few inches longer than the other

Holding the line with one hand, bring the longer end back under the band, with the longer line crossing over the other on top, forming an X.

Now bring the long end back up over the the shorter end, then slip it under the X, and tighten

Lets zoom in on this knot -

We'll use some High Vis reel line here for contrast in this video to make it more obvious what were doing.

Start by slipping the band tying line under the latex band leaving one end longer than the other.

Grab the longer of the two lines and cross it over the top of the shorter line forming an X on top of the latex band

Now bring that longer end back under the latex band, so both ends are now on the same side of the latex band.

Next bring that long end back up over the shorter end, and then slip it under the X.

Here's how it should when your done. Pull both ends snug and your constrictor knot is ready to be tightened with pliers

This is called a constrictor knot because the more you pull, the tighter that X is going to bind down on the line.

We want this knot really tight so we'll roll the ends on our pliers and pull

Now we'll flip the band over and make another constrictor knot so we now have the double constrictor knot.

form the X

slip the ends under the X and tighten with your pliers

now Clip the excess line off with your scissors,

grab your lighter, and burn the line ends to keep them from fraying.

Now we'll repeat the steps for the other end of the band.

slip the band tying line under the band

form the constrictor knot

pull it tight with our pliers

flip the band over

form the second constrictor knot

pull it tight with the pliers

then trim the ends and burn them with the lighter to keep them from fraying

Now grab your band with both hands and pull hard – it’s very important to make sure your knots are secure before you install the band on your speargun!

Thats it - you're now ready to install the band on your speargun.

Thanks guys for taking time to watch this video, if you need speargun band/latex tubing, head over here.

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Dive safe!