VIDEO: Throw Flashers - Sinking vs Floating

In this video we show you how to rig Throw Fish Flashers for Sinking or Floating action

hey guys dave here with Mako spearguns and today we're talking about the MAKO throw flashers and how they can be used as either sinking flashers or floating flashers.

In this video Dano is in the Sea of Cortez illustrating the use of the popular sinking throw flashers. This method has been well proven over the years to bring in big Pelagics such as wahoo and mahi. Notice the buoyancy of the latex tubing attached to the flashers slows the descent rate of the flashers that's allowing them to drop more slowly.

Once the flashers descend to the targeted depth, Dano will dive down to retrieve the flashers and resurface to make another throw.

Another way to present your flashers is by using a longer and more buoyant section of latex tubing which makes your flashers float instead of sink.

Here Dano will swim them down to a desired depth and release them. Dano will then ascend and wait for the flashers to float to the surface.

Like most free divers who have been diving for a while Dano can dive to depth of a hundred fifty feet on a single breath however the pelagics Dano is hunting today are running in a column from about 35 feet to the surface so there's no need to go any deeper.

However you decide to deploy your flashers please remember that if you need to remove any latex tubing to adjust the bouyancy of your flashers please don't discard it in the ocean for turtle or dolphin to choke on, please tuck it in the sleeve or the jacket of your wetsuit like Dano is doing here.

Thanks guys for taking time to watch this Throw Flashers video, and for additional how-to videos be sure to check our website under the instructional information link.