Installing the MAKO South African High Capacity 70M Reel on a Speargun

What you will need:

Caution: Speargun barrels have 2 "barrel plugs", also referred to "water stoppers" installed inside the barrels to prevent water from getting into the barrels. Please be sure to follow the instructions below to ensure you do not drill holes into the plugs or in between the front and rear plug.

Place mounting base plate on underneath side of barrel with the curved side of the base plate touching the barrel. The beveled end of the base plate must be facing the grip. The straight end of the base plate must be facing the muzzle.

place the base plate on the barrel

Line up the rear hole of the base plate (closest to the grip) with the barrel screw that is closest to the grip. This ensures that when drilling the forward hole, the integrity of the barrel plug will not be compromised.

line up the rear holes

Mark and drill your holes using a 7/64 inch drill bit to accept the 2 pcs of #8 x 3/8 inch 316 stainless steel screws. To avoid the drill bit from walking, you might want to drill pilot holes (using a smaller drill bit) to ensure the holes are positioned properly. Fasten the base plate to the barrel using the supplied screws.

mark and drill the holes

Install the reel onto the mounting plate by sliding the reel from back to front onto the base plate. The dove tail design allows for a smooth and very strong fit.

install the reel
slide the reel on the base plate
install complete